Four Rollers Entry Centralized Guides

Four Rollers Entry Guide type CR-N

Heat treatment of the rollers
The lenght of the blades depends on the customer’s needs.

Special antioxidant treatment

The four rollers guides type CR-N are made of a special steel, which subsequently, in case of request, can be treated in order to have special anti-oxidant characteristics. It is suitable for the most critical and exacting conditions and it has long-life under extreme conditions of impact, vibration, heat and corrosion. The bearings of the guides are lubricated with grease or air-oil and cooling water is sprayed on the rollers and on the static blade. The main feature of these guides is the possibility to adjust the opening of the roller holder arms simoultaneously from a single point located on the back of the guide, allowing to simmetrically intervene on the gap. All rollers undergo a heat treatment that improves their resistance to shocks and their durability over time.