Entry Rollers Guide for Trislitting

Guides type CR/CM

Heat treatment of the rollers

Special antioxidant treatment only for guides type CM

The two rollers entry guides type CR16 and 25 are made of a special steel, that is suitable for the most critical and exacting conditions. These guides have long-life under extreme conditions of impact, vibration, heat and corrosion. The bearings of the guides are lubricated with grease or air-oil and cooling water is sprayed on the rollers and on the static blade.

The two rollers guides type CM, differently from the former guides, are assembled in a structure that completely contains them and that undergoes a surface treatment that improves their durability over time, also preventing the formation of rust. Among their strenghts, there’s the possibility to assemble on the same body different rollers’ heights by replacing only the roller holder arm.