Brg s.r.l. is certainly appreciated and known as one of the best companies in the production of rollers and of entry and exit rolling guides, both roller guides and static guides. The company is proud to present a wide and modern range of equipment designed with the aim of making products for high speed, bars and merchant sections.
Our guides are sturdy, simple to use, easy to maintain and they are built with materials designed to last over time and to ensure maximum accessibility and production of the rolling mill.
Our rolling guides have kept pace with the demand of the steel industry in order to meet the needs of a wider range of products, using both the standard roller guides and the static guides, according to the customer’s design but also according to various requirements.
The guides are supplied with a detailed installation and maintenance manual.
The on-site training service of one of our technicians can be organized, if requested by the customer.
Our company and our technicians remain at the customers’ disposal to meet their demands.

Company for the production of rolling equipment

BRG s.r.l. is specialized in the production of equipment for rolling mills and has been operating on the National and International Market for over 35 years.

All the equipment, designed and developed also with the collaboration of  the customers, has now reached a high degree of reliability, certainly comparable to the one of the best equipment existing on the International Market.

Our company is specialized in the construction of roller guides and static blades for rolling – rolling rolls – generally equipment for rolling mills. The organization is structured in a flexible way, with a qualified operational staff and with equipment and machinery among the most modern ones. Both the experience gained over the many years of business in step with technologies and the continuation of the essential “man-machine” relationship, allows us to offer our products with the right quality-reliability-price ratio.

Some of the priority features of our equipment:
  • the resistance and tightness of the materials
  • ease of maintenance and setup of the equipment
  • the adjustment of the approach to the cylinders (forward-backward) through the dovetail on the bases, used in most of our equipment
  • the simplicity and speed of disassembly and reassembly of parts that are subject to wear
  • the interchangeability of some wear parts on various types of guides (blades-bushes-pins …)

The prices of our equipment are certainly competitive. Our company policy, oriented towards maintaining a balanced relationship of the prices of complete equipment and of the spare parts, has always given us great satisfaction.

Video Optical System Plus

The future of laminating roll management now.

Our optical system V.o.s. Plus is a modern tool that generates and loads shapes directly from DXF files on a touch screen monitor, allowing the guides to be perfectly adjusted in the center with a pre-established gap, before entering the rolling line, significantly reducing downtime.
The correct centering of the guides can be checked, as well as the centering of the rolling cylinders and their wear.
The V.o.s. system Plus is divided into 3 products based on the size of the useful field of view by changing only the optical group and keeping the central structure with monitor and industrial PC unchanged .

Video Optical System Plus 1

This optical unit works with a field of view h max 40, it can be mounted both on the bench and directly in line and, with a dedicated support *, it can also be mounted for monoblock.

Video Optical System Plus 2

This optical unit works with a field of view h max 140, it can be mounted both on the bench and directly in line and with dedicated support.

Video Optical System Plus 3

This optical unit is particularly suitable for complex profiles. It can be used on stands with 2, 3, 4 cylinders with variable gap.
The camera must be sized according to the customer’s needs.

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